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Crane, Poole and Schmidt began in Boston in 1984. The stability and continuity of Crane, Poole and Schmidt has come from careful selection of some of the finest lawyers in the world. It is a wisdom borne of participation in hundreds of thousands of legal scenarios, and with our head so far up the ass of big business that the world looks like a giant colon.

Firm Values:
At Crane, Poole and Schmidt we believe in consistency. You can walk into any of our offices and recognize exactly where you are, because every layout is the same. No matter if you shoot a man in LA or rob a gangster in Hong Kong, you’ll feel right at home. We also believe in consistently winning cases. And we do. Consistently.

At Crane, Poole and Schmidt we understand what it’s all about. You want a safe home, to keep the money you make, and shoot bad guys. You need a law firm who understands, one who has a high success rate in unconventional trials. A law firm who’s not afraid to sue the state, the military, and even God on your behalf. We are that law firm.